Our story & vision

Our story

Urbany’s started 2017 with contemporary bags and watches that suited the urban lifestyle. We had a lot of dreams and ideas but never enough time for realizing them.

As a conclusion we decided to go all in and follow our start-up vision more consistently. In February 2019 we were the first swiss brand to launch phone necklaces.

Increasing demand has enabled us to improve the phone necklaces, develop new products and expanding our range step by step.

The selection is wider than ever and we are selling our product all over Switzerland in more than 250 stores by now. 

The well-known Sunrise, Mobilezone and Globus are just a few of our retail partners - let the future come!

Our vision

Creative ideas have the power to change the world. Improving and innovating solves problems - and leads to better products.

As metropolitans we check the pulse of the city. We stroll around with open eyes and constantly feel the vibes downtown.

The Urbany’s lifestyle is shaped by these adventures. Our products speak for themselves - plain and simple yet full on trendy.